Monday, 23 December 2013

SMiLE (my edit)

Here's another Smile by myself, although it's not really a new mix as much as it is a slight alteration of someone else's (and yes, it's that one I go on about all the ruddy, ruddy time). This fuses the original 60s material with Brian Wilson Presents Smile; obviously it is nothing like what the record would have sounded like had it come out in 1967, but it offers arguably the most full and complete cut of the album possible.
So now everything is in stereo, and there are just a couple tweaks here and there of mine (eg stereo "Gee" from the boxset seamlessly mixed with Barnshine's own edit, plus minor annoyances like the "I believe" vocals removed from BWPS CIFOT and all that). Nothing very new or interesting, but it's another one. In pompous fashion I have named it Smile: Ultimate Edition.

It was also kindly uploaded to YouTube by psychedelicpiper along with the original 3971 edit:

01. Our Prayer / Gee
02. Heroes & Villains
03. Do You Like Worms?
04. Barnyard / The Old Master Painter / My Only Sunshine
05. Cabin Essence
06. Wonderful
07. Look (Song For Children)
08. Child Is Father Of The Man
09. Surf's Up
10. I'm In Great Shape / I Wanna Be Around / Friday Night
11. Vega-Tables
12. On A Holiday
13. Wind Chimes
14. Fire (Mrs O'Leary's Cow)
15. Love To Say Dada
16. In Blue Hawaii
17. Good Vibrations

Download in flac
Download in mp3

Pet Sounds - 1972 Mono Mix

From Woodstock, here's an amazing vinyl rip of the enchanting 1972 mono mix of Pet Sounds included on an original pressing of Carl & The Passions - So Tough!

01. Wouldn't It Be Nice
02. You Still Believe In Me
03. That's Not Me
04. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
05. I'm Waiting For The Day
06. Let's Go Away For A While
07. Sloop John B.
08. God Only Knows
09. I Know There's An Answer
10. Here Today
11. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
12. Pet Sounds
13. Caroline, No

Download here

*Extreme lengths were carried out during the ripping of this vinyl, some of them involving giant bears

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Stack-O-Tracks Extended

A load of instrumentals.

01. County Fair
02. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America)
03. Summertime Blues
04. Cuckoo Clock
05. Surfin’ USA
06. Surfer Girl
07. Catch A Wave
08. In My Room
09. Our Car Club
10. I Get Around
11. All Summer Long
12. Hushabye
13. Little Honda
14. We’ll Run Away
15. Wendy
16. Do You Remember
17. Little Saint Nick
18. Do You Wanna Dance
19. Good To My Baby
20. Don’t Hurt My Little Sister
21. When I Grow Up
22. Help Me, Ronda
23. Dance, Dance, Dance
24. Please Let Me Wonder
25. I’m So Young (alternate)
26. Kiss Me Baby
27. She Knows Me Too Well
28. In The Back Of My Mind
29. All Dressed Up For School
30. Guess I’m Dumb
31. The Girl From New York City
32. Amusement Parks USA
33. Salt Lake City
34. Help Me, Rhonda
35. California Girls
36. Let Him Run Wild
37. You’re So Good To Me
38. The Little Girl I Once Knew
39. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
40. You Still Believe In Me
41. That’s Not Me
42. Don’t Talk
43. I’m Waiting For The Day
44. Sloop John B
45. God Only Knows
46. Hang On To Your Ego
47. Here Today
48. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
49. Caroline, No
50. Good Vibrations
51. Do You Like Worms?
52. Cabinessence
53. Wonderful
54. Child Is Father Of The Man
55. Surf’s Up
56. I’m In Great Shape
57. Vege-Tables
58. Wind Chimes
59. Love To Say Dada
60. Vegetables (Smiley Smile - alternate)
61. She’s Goin’ Bald
62. Wind Chimes (Smiley Smile - alternate)
63. Gettin’ Hungry
64. Wonderful (Smiley Smile - alternate)
65. Cool Cool Water
66. Wild Honey
67. I Was Made To Love Her
68. A Thing Or Two
69. Darlin’
70. Friends
71. Transcendental Meditation
72. Do It Again
73. Be With Me
74. Cotton Fields (20/20)
75. Time To Get Alone
76. We’re Together Again
77. Break Away
78. Cotton Fields
79. When Girls Get Together
80. It’s About Time
81. Tears In The Morning
82. Sail On Sailor (with a capella fade)
83. Good Timin’
84. Had To Phone Ya
85. Just Once In My Life
86. Life Is For The Living
87. Angel Come Home
88. Here Comes The Night
89. Goin’ On
90. That’s Why God Made The Radio

Part 1
Part 2

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Smile Sessions Companion - Disc 1

Released in 2011, this was the first disc of a proposed 9-disc companion to The Smile Sessions as well as a complete toolkit for fanmixers of all known Smile songs, fragments, and test mixes. This is what was intended:

TSS Companion Disc 1 - Stereo
TSS Companion Disc 2 - Historical Mono Re-Creation
TSS Companion Disc 3 - BW vintage Smile mixes and edits
TSS Companion Discs 4-9 - Additional Session Material

Only disc 1 has been released and there's been no updates from the author of any progress on disc 2...
Whether or not the rest of the project is going forward, here's disc 1, a lovely stereo mix of The Smile Sessions' reconstruction.

Part one
Part two
Part three


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

SMiLE: Millenium Edition

Here's an ambitious Smile boot from 2000, which tries for full, wide stereo (it doesn't really pull it off and sounds a bit crap in places). But here it is on the blog anyways because historical signamifacance

Download here

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Zach Steiner's Smile

Zach Steiner's 2008 Smile reconstruction is available at his website, though for me at least the files aren't working, so I converted 'em back and put a .zip up on Mediafire.

01. Our Prayer - Gee
02. Heroes and Villains
03. Do You Like Worms?
04. Barnyard
05. Old Master Painter
06. He Gives Speeches
07. Wonderful
08. The Child is Father of the Man
09. Cabinessence
10. Bicycle Rider
11. Good Vibrations
12. Look
13. Vegetables
14. I Wanna Be Around - Workshop
15. Holiday
16. Windchimes
17. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
18. Love to Say Dada
19. Can't Wait Too Long
20. Surf's Up

Download here

Vigotone Smile

Here's Vigotone's 1993 two-disc CD of Smile material (Vigotones 110/111). It's notable for its 24-minute recording of October 1966 in-studio chatter, which I'd highly recommend if you'd like to hear 1966 Brian utter "tough shit".

1. Heroes and Villains   (7:06)
2. Do You Like Worms   (3:56)
3. Medley: The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine   (1:11) 3. Surf's Up   (6:28)
4. Wonderful   (2:06)
5. Child Is Father Of The Man   (1:56)
6. Prayer   (1:09)
7. Cabin-Essence   (2:34)
8. Good Vibrations   (3:33)
9. Vege-Tables / I'm In Great Shape   (3:34)
10. Wind Chimes   (2:23)
11. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow   (2:07)
12. Cool Cool Water   (2:57)
13. Surf's Up   (5:18)
14. Prayer   (5:05)
15. I Love To Say Dada   (1:27)
16. Untitled (She's Goin' Bald)   (0:55)
17. Untitled (With Me Tonight)   (0:55)
18. Wonderful   (2:09)
19. Child Is Father Of The Man   (1:42)
20. You're Welcome   (1:04)
21. Heroes and Villains / Do You Like Worms    (0:49)
22. Heroes and Villains / Do You Like Worms    (0:27)
23. Heroes and Villains / Do You Like Worms    (1:15)
24. Heroes and Villains / Do You Like Worms    (3:37)
25. Heroes and Villains / Do You Like Worms    (3:28)

1. Good Vibrations   (7:41)
2. Cabin-Essence   (4:05)
3. Surf's Up   (6:28)
4. Tones / Tune X   (3:02)
5. Tones / Tune X   (2:21)
6. Medley: The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine   (1:08)
7. George Fell Into His French Horn   (9:12)
8. Mrs O'Leary's Cow   (3:51)
9. Barnyard   (0:57)
10. The Woodshop Song   (1:36)
11. Holidays   (2:36) *Actually 'Look', incorrectly listed
12. Prayer   (1:02)
14. Smile Era Party   (24:05)

Disc 1
Disc 2

Seltaeb's stereo mixdowns

Here are some amazing stereo/modified versions of Beach Boys songs by insanely talented mixer seltaeb, which he shared on the Smiley Smile forum. My Solution has never sounded better!

My Solution (stereo)
Little Girl I Once Knew (stereo)
A Thing Or Two (stereo)
This Whole World (fadeout modified)
Our Sweet Love (extra Brian vocals)
Heroes and Villains/ Do You Like Worms mashup and f*ckery

Also, here's my personal favourite of his; a delightful 9-minute long stereo mini-mix of Smile. I urge you to download this one - it's some of the most dazzlingly inventive Smile mixing you'll ever hear. Dude's a wizard.



So the above links have apparently 'expired'; I'm sure seltaeb will reupload them at some point, but for now here's a rar of the mixes (apart from the H&V/DYLW mashup, which I inexplicably lack sorry agh) in 320kbps mp3s.

FastEddie's Smile

Thanks to Warnakey's blog for the download link :-)
Here's FastEddie's mix of Smile; really quite dated by now, but it's another one for the collection!

"SMiLE 1966/1967 - the 2004 reconstruction...

by FAST EDDIE, September 2004

Now that Brian Wilson completed, performed and re-recorded his lost masterpiece, comparisons with the original 1966/1967 session recordings are made. For my own satisfaction, I compiled and edited a version of SMiLE using only 66/67 vintage recordings, but following the arrangement of the 2004 concerts and re-recording. The results are here for your listening pleasure. They are not meant to be a substitution of the 2004 re-recording in any way.

Generally, the differences with the 2004 re-recording are:
- most of the segues are missing
- some songs don't have vocals as these weren't recorded in 66/67 - or if they were, they haven't been unearthed yet
- to emphasize the unfinished nature of the "original" recordings, I used the old "working" titles for some now re-titled songs.
- some tracks may have a few differences in arrangement, because of their wildly unfinished nature in 66/67

Some technical notes regarding this "reconstruction":
- I used the best available lossless sources (most original silver CDs), except for a few short pieces where only mp3 was available; eventually, I managed to complete it using only just over 1 minute of mp3-sourced music
- for editing, re-arranging, balancing of sound, mixing to mono where applicable and a bit of eq-ing, I used AUDACITY - a cool piece of software that does exactly what's needed for the challenge at hand, without demanding too much technical/musical knowledge - see for more info and downloads
- if you're going to burn it, don't forget to use a 'no pause'-preference, as I've specifically aimed at seamless flow wherever possible
- some tracks are sped up or down a bit. Regarding the "right speed", I followed the guidelines as advocated by Ryan Guidry in the notes to his superb "old-skool" SMiLE edit (unfortunately only available in MP3)

Oh, feel free to pass it on, but it would be nice if proper credits are attached. If I ever catch anyone trying to make a buck out of this... Fast Eddie's fatwah will rest upon you!

Here are track-by-track comments:

1. Our Prayer - Gee 1:59
Sources: Friends/20-20 remastered cd and Good Vibrations boxed set
I used the 20/20-version of PRAYER because I prefer it over the "early" 1966 version. GEE of course is part of the 'Heroes And Villians [Sessions]' track on the boxed set that can also be found on Vigitone SMiLE and other bootlegs.

2. Heroes And Villains 4:34
Sources: Good Vibrations boxed set [45 version, alternate "cantina" version and 'sections']
Edited from various versions of this track on the boxed set.

3. Do You Like Worms 3:41
Sources: Good Vibrations boxed set
Added to the boxed set backing track are: the Bicycle Rider chant from the 'Heroes And Villains [sections]' and a repeat of the 'plymouth rock'-vocals towards the end.

4. Barnyard 0:53
Source: Mok's SMiLE
Though this synchronization of the 'Heroes And Villains' demo vocals with the instrumental tracks isn't exactly according to 2004 arrangement, it is by far the best sync-job I've heard, so I used it. All props to MOK! Only change is I faded it out early to better flow "on-the-one" into...

5. Old Master Painter - You Are My Sunshine 1:09
Source: Mok's SMiLE
Mok synced the stereo instrumental with the mono vocal bootleg mixes. Can't improve it, so once again all props to him!

6. Cabin Essence 3:33
Source: Friends/20-20 remastered cd
The 1968 finished version is like the 2004 version, so no need for any work.

7. Wonderful 2:00
Source: Good Vibrations boxed set
The original mono version, faded out a few seconds early to better flow into...

8. Look 2:10
Source: Mok's SMiLE
The best sound, due to Mok's cleaning!

9. Child Is The Father Of The Man 2:39
Sources: Unsurpassed Masters Vol.16 and Mok's SMiLE
I used the intro from UM-16. This isn't exactly right according to the 2004 arrangement, but since it's impossible to re-create the Song For Children > CITFOTM transition and this intro makes it flow much better, I decided to use it. The rest of the track is from Mok's SMiLE, but I re-arranged the parts to better fit the new arrangement.
By the way: check out Mic Luv's CITFOTM that is uncannily similar to the 2004 arrangement, but unfortunately only available in MP3.

10. Surf's Up 4:11
Sources: Mok's SMiLE and Sunflower/Surf's Up remastered CD
First part is Mok's perfect synchronization of demo vocals over 1966-stereo track, remainder is 1971 album version.

11. Great Shape, etc. 1:56
Sources: Endless Harmony Soundtrack CD + Psychedelic Sounds collector's disc + Unsurpassed Masters Vol.16
First up is a part of the 'Heroes And Villains' Demo, segueing into the recently unearthed Great Shape tracking (actually, my edit is a combination of 2 attempts featured on the Psychedelic Sounds disc - MP3 sourced!). Finally, we have the regular I WANNA BE AROUND - FRIDAY NIGHT from UM-16, but sped up a bit (most sources are mastered too slow) and mixed to mono.

12. Vega-Tables 2:15
Sources: Good Vibrations boxed set + Mok's SMiLE + Smiley Smile / Wild Honey remastered CD
Most of this track is the boxed set version, but the double 'SLEEP-A-LOT'-insert is from Mok's SMiLE and the vocal coda is from the Smiley version.

13. Holiday 2:30
Sources: Mok's SMiLE + Stereo Smiley Smile / Wild Honey collector's version
Most of this track is the clean and superb sounding Mok version, but it's sped down a bit (in fact most sources are mastered a bit too fast). The WHISPERING WINDS coda is from the Wind Chimes remix on the Stereo Smiley Smile / Wild Honey disc (MP3 sourced!).

14. Wind Chimes 2:47
Source: Mok's SMiLE + Unsurpassed Masters Vol.17
Again, I used Mok's version for best sound, but I re-edited it, shortening the bridge and repeating the chorus like it was performed in 2004. The final verse/chorus is from the "complete instrumental take 5" on Unsurpassed Masters Vol.17.

15. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow 2:30
Source: Mok's SMiLE
What can I say? Best sounding version, IMHO!
I didn't try to sync the Fall Breaks chanting onto this, because I didn't believe it could work (I heard 1 or 2 attempts at this and found these close to unlistenable). No use of the "real fire"-effects too, as Brian didn't in 2004!

16. I Love To Say Da Da 2:24
Source: Unsurpassed Masters Vol.16
The WATER CHANT plus the backing track to what's now known as BLUE HAWAII. The second part is also available on the Good Vibrations boxed set.

17. Good Vibrations 4:20
Sources: Smiley Smile / Wild Honey remastered cd [45 version & early take] + Hawthorne, CA CD [unused stereo sections] + Good Vibrations boxed set [tracking sessions]
My pride and joy! I expected this not to work, but I think it turned out rather good. The intro and the choruses are from the 45 version, as is the first part of the bridge ("Got to keep those loving good vibrations..."). The verses are from the early take (Tony Asher's vocals!). The second part of the bridge ("hum-de-dum") is from the Hawthorne, CA rarities collection (mixed to mono!). At the end, I used the ending of the full backing track version that closes the 'tracking sessions' on disc 5 of the boxed set; instead of quickly fading out like the 45 version, it repeats the instrumental chorus a few times before ending rather suddenly. I found that a fitting end, because of course I couldn't re-create the climaxing drum rolls of the concert version. By the way: Brian ends the 2004 studio version with a simple fade-out, which is a damn shame I think!"

Download here

Sunday, 20 October 2013


The Brian Wilson/Andy Paley sessions from 1996.

01. Gettin' In Over My Head
02. You're Still A Mystery
03. Chain Reaction of Love
04. Soul Searchin'
05. It's Not Easy Bein' Me
06. Desert Drive
07. Saturday Morning in the City
08. This Song's Gonna Sleep With You
09. Marketplace
10. I'm Broke
11. Must Be A Miracle
12. In My Moondreams
13. Mary Anne
14. Slightly American Music
15. Proud Mary
16. Proud Mary
17. Proud Mary
18. Soul Searchin'
19. Everything I Need
20. Everything I Need
21. Untitled

MFP reissues

So far my only vinyl copies of All Summer Long and Today are unfortunately not original pressings, but cheap reissues from the 70s (the latter is retitled Do You Wanna Dance). Just their covers more or less tell you what you need to know:

I did some research on the record label, MFP (Music For Pleasure), who seem to specialize in cheap reissues of classics. Their releases include The Beach Boys (compilation), The Beach Boys again (another comp), Good Vibrations (comp), Super Pop Groups Vol. 8 (comp), Good Vibrations Vol. 2 (comp), 24 Original Hits (comp), The Beach Boys Christmas Album, I Love You (comp), Endless Summer, The Beach Boys yet again (another comp), Good Vibrations again (another comp), Live in London, and The Fabulous Beach Boys (Pet Sounds).

Observe the care put into the tracklisting:

Along with the necessary Dick Clark quote: 

Landlocked and Adult/Child (soniclovenoize)

Over the past two weeks, soniclovenoize has put out two reconstructions of lost Beach Boys albums - Landlocked and Adult/Child. Both are excellent and well worth downloading.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Secret Smile

2004 boot of rare Smile material. (2 CDs)

Download here

April 2014 Update: For the audiophiles, Secret Smile is now available in FLAC - Download here

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Get The Boot (vol 1 & 2)

Two excellent boots of 63-2003 demos, alternate mixes, outtakes and other rarities, including the hot mix of "Rock and Roll Music" and the notorious outtake "Rollin' Up To Heaven".

01. Beginning of the End
02. Thank Him
03. Side Two
04. Back Home (1963)
05. Can't Wait Too Long (snippet)
06. Lonely Days (rehearsal)
07. Mona Kani
08. Break Away (vocals only mix)
09. Won't You Tell Me
10. Back Home (1970 demo)
11. Back Home (1970 version)
12. Walkin'
13. It's A New Day
14. Barbara (demo)
15. Add Some Music To Your Day (alternate mix)
16. Slip On Through (alternate mix)
17. Slip On Through (live)
18. Our Sweet Love (instrumental track with backing vocals)
19. I'm Going Your Way
20. 'Til I Die (vocals only)
21. Surf's Up (vocals only)
22. Rollin' Up To Heaven
23. I've Got A Friend (live)
24. Here She Comes (live)
25. Fairy Tale Music (demo)

01. Snowflakes (outtake)
02. Hard Times
03. Battle Hymn of the Republic
04. Good Timin' (track and lead vocal)
05. Don't You Just Know It (single)
06. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (single)
07. Interview/ Rock and Roll Music (hot mix)
08. Runnin' Bear (15 Big Ones outtake)
09. Shake, Rattle and Roll (15 Big Ones outtake)
10. Short Skirts (15 Big Ones outtake)
11. Had To Phone Ya (backing track)
12. New England Waltz (Adult/Child outtake)
13. Here Come De Honey Man
14. California Feelin'
15. Da Doo Ron Ron (Keepin' The Summer Alive outtake)
16. Oh Darlin' (alternate vocal take)
17. Boogie Woogie intro
18. Back in the USSR
19. River Deep, Mountain High
20. Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love (BW)
21. Rescue Me (ML)
22. Stagger Lee (ML)
23. Carl's Song (DW)
24. Where We Are (CW)
25. At The Hop
26. Let's Dance/ Do You Wanna Dance
27. I Can Hear Music (recorded for radio broadcast)
28. Little Deuce Coupe (recorded for radio broadcast)
29. Kokomo (David Marks)

Volume 1
Volume 2

Volume 1
Volume 2

Unsurpassed Masters 14: Alternate Pet Sounds

8 CDs of Pet Sounds sessions!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Endless Bummer

A comp of the very worst of the Beach Boys, including Spanish Kokomo, Brian's rap song, drunk live performances and ill-advised radio spots.

01. Carl's Anti-Drug Radio Spot
02. Good Vibrations (featuring a very drunk Carl)
03. You're So Beautiful (featuring a very drunk Dennis)
04. Brian Hanging With Some Nerds
05. Be True To Your Bud (Mike sells out)
06. Hyatt Regency Promo (Mike sells out again)
07. Smile Promo
08. Mike Slams Smile
09. Vocal Rehearsal 1
10. Smart Girls (Brian's rap song)
11. Carl & The Passions Radio Promo
12. Kokomo (Spanish version)
13. Mr. Sandman, God Only Knows (pisstake versions)
14. Cell Block No. 9
15. Mike Does Dylan
16. Never Learn Not To Love (demo written with Charles Manson)
17. Help Me Rhonda (session with 'Reggie Dunbar')
18. "I'm A Genius Too"
19. "We Need Help"
20. Vocal Rehearsal 2

Download here

All This Is That

Nice boot of various '69-'80 rarities.

01. Time To Get Alone (instrumental)
02. Country Air (stereo mix)
03. Won't You Tell Me (stereo)
04. Tears In The Morning (instrumental track)
05. Slip On Through (take 12)
06. When Girls Get Together (instrumental track)
07. Cottonfields (vocals only)
08. All This Is That (alternate version)
09. It's A New Day (stereo)
10. Hard Time (stereo)
11. Blueberry Hill (alternate)
12. Had To Phone Ya (instrumental track)
13. Palisades Park (alternate mix)
14. Short Skirts
15. Shake, Rattle & Roll (15BO outtake)
16. Just Once In My Life (instrumental track)
17. Running Bear (stereo)
18. Let Us Go On This Way (backing vocals)
19. Sherry She Needs Me (complete)
20. The Night Was So Young (vocals only)
21. Shortenin' Bread (alternate)
22. Life Is For The Living (instrumental)
23. It's Like Heaven (alternate)
24. Our Love (stereo)
25. Da Doo Ron Ron (stereo)
26. Oh Darlin' (alternate, Brian lead)
27. Where We Are (stereo)

Download here

Sweet Insanity

I've been having some issues with Mediafire recently so I've temporarily moved to Rapidshare. Apologies for the lack of recent updates...
:-/  Mediafire's working again. Updating all the download links now...

Here's Sweet Insanity, Brian Wilson's intended follow-up to his self-titled first solo album. General consensus is that the album isn't really all that good (though it has had some praise; some have even called it brilliant), and as a result the album was rejected by the record label. Controversial psychologist and attention whore Eugene Landy had a strong part in the album's creation - at the time he was on a quest to scam as much money as he could off of Wilson by bringing him back into the mainstream, which explains the more... notorious songs on the album. *cough*

01. Intro (Concert Tonite)
02. Someone To Love
03. Water Builds Up
04. Don't Let Her Know (She's An Angel)
05. Do You Have Any Regrets
06. Brian
07. The Spirit of Rock & Roll (with Bob Dylan)
08. Rainbow Eyes
09. Love Ya
10. Make A Wish
11. Smart Girls
12. Country Feelin' (bonus track)
13. Hotter (single B-side)

Monday, 19 August 2013

First Love / Country Love

A twofer of unreleased Mike Love albums from October/November 1978. Joy!
First Love (which contains "Brian's Back") is rather good, but as the album's history ended in lawsuits it's unlikely it'll ever achieve release.
Country Love was an attempt to gear Mike towards a country audience, a move that was slightly misguided given such family classics included on the album as "Wrinkles". Honestly it isn't all bad ("Brand New Start" ain't half bad really), but it's clear from many of the recordings that Mike's voice wasn't built for country.
See also Mike's 3rd unreleased solo album Mike Love Not War.
If you'd like an in-depth analysis of Country Love by a renowned critic, click here.

First Love
01. First Love
02. Too Cruel
03. You're Looking Better
04. Little Darlin'
05. I Don't Wanna Know
06. Brian's Back
07. Viggie
08. The Right Kind Of Love
09. Sumahama
10. Daybreak
11. Tricia (bonus track)

Country Love
12. Today I Started Loving You Again
13. Dallas
14. Beth On The Mesa
15. Brand New Start
16. Baby I'm A Changed Man
17. Rock 'n' Roll Country Bride
18. Everything I Touch Turns To Tears
19. Wrinkles
20. My Side Of The Bed
21. Everyone's In Love With You
22. Some Sweet Day
23. Hey Good Lookin' (bonus track)

Download here

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Mok's SMiLE

Well, it seems I forgot about this one! Here's an essential Smile edit, which dates all the way back to 2001.

"This project consumed all of my free time for the spring of 2001. I started to feel very frustrated, and if I was getting down (without any pressure from a label or a demanding fan base), I could only imagine what Brian must have felt. Instead of going with the idea that I could 'finish' Smile, I went down another road. I felt that I was happy, for the most part, with listening to the bootlegs, but felt that too much was repetition and too much was of poor fidelity. So, I decided to make a 'Smile' that was listenable, of reasonably high fidelity, and in an order I find pleasing. I cut together all of the parts of the 'songs' that I loved hearing, in a way that satisfied me. It was also important to me to use only the original material and add no 'newly recorded' parts, as I feel the material can still stand on its own."
- Mok

Some more details from Ear Candy mag



Here's a Smile edit from the Smiley Smile board's very own hypehat, "an anarchic approach not unlike the AlternateBrianWilson mix".

Download here

"Stay in school, kids."
     - His grace, hypehat

Friday, 26 July 2013


Collection of rare Brian Wilson material.

01. Proud Mary
02. Getting In Over My Head
03. You're Still A Mystery
04. Chain Reaction Of Love
05. Soul Searchin'
06. It's Not Easy Being Me
07. Desert Drive
08. Saturday Morning In The City
09. This Song Wants To Sleep With You
10. Market Place - Brian Wilson
11. I'm Broke
12. Must Be A Miracle
13. In My Moondreams
14. My Mary Anne
15. Slightly American Music
16. Saturday Morning In The City
17. Soulful Old Man Sunshine
18. Out In The Country
19. Back Home (Track 1)
20. Back Home (Track 2)

Download here

Unsurpassed Masters 20: Friends, 20/20, and Odds & Ends

Unsurpassed Masters 19: Alternate Wild Honey

This boot is worth getting for some excellent quality "Can't Wait Too Long" material, among other stuff.

Unsurpassed Masters 18: Alternate Smiley Smile

Note: All the Beach Boys Unsurpassed Masters volumes are up on this nice person's website (though as well as UMs the guy's been posting released albums, which I don't particularly endorse), though some links don't work and/or have to be downloaded in parts, so I thought I'd reupload some to Mediafire to make things more convenient.

These Unsurpassed Masters are totally mind-blowing. You should get them or something

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Unsurpassed Masters 16: SMiLE

I'm having trouble finding UM17, though from what I hear it's essentially just The Smile Sessions except less. Oh well, here's this one! SMiLE, as mixed by Unsurpassed Masters.


Project SMiLE

A fabulous CD-ROM from around 2004 filled with wonderful SMiLE-related images and articles. Unfortunately, the mp3s provided do not work, but if you own the SMiLE Sessions CD then you already have 95% of what is provided, and the site is still essential downloadin'!

Download here

Brian Loves You (v.2)

So it seems there are two Brian Loves Yous, the previous one being the more famous and this one having more tracks. I DONT GETS IT EITHER LOLZ

This Brian Loves You is split into two parts, the first part carrying alternate versions of the tracks found on Love You and the second carrying a load of demos and live performances. Enjoy!

01. Roller Skating Child (alternate)
02. Mona (alternate)
03. Honkin' Down The Highway (alternate)
04. Ding Dang (alternate)
05. The Night Was So Young (alternate)
06. Let's Put Our Hearts Together (alternate)
07. I Want To Pick You Up (alternate)

08. Mona (demo)
09. I'll Bet He's Nice (demo)
10. Let's Put Our Hearts Together (demo)
11. Airplane (demo)
12. Love Is A Woman (demo)
13. Roller Skating Child (live)
14. Honkin' Down The Highway (live)
15. Airplane (live)
16. Love Is A Woman (live)
17. Ding Dang (It's OK NBC rehearsal)
18. Ding Dang (Saturday Night Live)

Brian Loves You (v.1)

Here's another bootleg that seems to have vanished from the internet recently. This is Brian Loves You, which showcases demo versions of the tracks found on the Love You album, plus a few extra demos. Enjoy!

01. That Special Feeling (demo)
02. It's Over Now (demo)
03. It's Over Now (demo 2)
04. They're Marching Along (Little Children) (demo)
05. Still I Dream Of It (demo)
06. My Diane (demo)
07. Love Is A Woman (demo)
08. Mona (demo)
09. Airplane (demo)
10. Let's Put Our Hearts Together (demo)
11. I'll Bet He's Nice (demo)
12. I'm Bugged At My Old Man (TV rehearsal)
13. I'm Bugged At My Old Man (TV special performance)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Purple Chick's SMiLE

Well'p, here it is. The controversial one.

Purple Chick's SMiLE has a simple, fair concept - using BWPS as a template and using as much '67 material as possible - but the sometimes glitchy editing kinda polarised the collectors. If you want a good edit that mixes the '67 material with BWPS, I'd recommend the 3971 edit. Still, Purple Chick's SMiLE deserves a listen for its signficance I guess or something or whatevs

Download here

"Only Solitaire" Beach Boys album reviews

Some interesting reviews of all the Beach Boys albums, and a couple of the solo pieces. These caused something of a minor stir over at Smiley Smile since the guy's facts aren't always right, but I find his review style entertaining and his assessments sometimes spot on. Worth reading, at least.

Old reviews:

New(ish) reviews:

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Mike Love Not War

Download here

Mike Love Not War (circa 2005) is one of Mike Love's many unreleased albums, believed by many to be probably the best of his solo works. It even features a half-tolerable version of "Everyone's In Love With You". Gasp!

01. Unleash The Love
02. Cool Head
03. Anything For You
04. Thank You
05. Pisces Brothers
06. Everyone's In Love With You
07. 10,000 Years
08. Glow Crescent Glow
09. Daybreak
10. Too Cruel
11. Brian's Back
12. I Don't Wanna Know
13. Love Foundation
14. Only One Word

Also included are three rather amusing National Arbor Day Foundation PSAs by Love, from 2005.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Landlocked: The Last Capitol Album And More

Here's a link provided by the Beach Yard blogspot to an alternate, extended version of Landlocked, not so much a lost album as a collection of session songs from around August 1970, compiled by Steve Desper.

01. Awake
02. Loop de Loop
03. Susie Cincinnati
04. San Miguel
05. Games Two Can Play
06. I Just Got My Pay
07. Good Time
08. Looking Down The Coast
09. Big Sur
10. Santa Ana Winds
11. 'Til I Die (long)
12. Fourth of July
13. Sound of Free
14. Tears In The Morning
15. Lady
16. When Girls Get Together
17. My Solution
18. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
19. Take A Load Off Your Feet
20. Carnival (aka Over The Waves)
21. We Got Love
22. Winter Symphony
23. Tears In The Morning (reprise)

Download here

Monday, 1 July 2013

AlternateBrianWilsonPresents SMiLE

Here's another rare Smile mix, and quite a creative one; it presents the album in three movements, the first the famous Americana segment, the second a "circle of life" section, and the third the elements suite. It's garnered a lot of acclaim from the fans so it's definitely one to own.

Download here

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Cocaine Sessions


Here are the Cocaine Sessions (circa 1981-82), (aka the Hamburger Sessions or Things We Used to Get Brian to Show Up for Practice), recorded by Brian and Dennis (while apparently stoned out of their minds) at Village Recorders during a particularly dark period of both men's lives - Brian was on a long hiatus and Dennis' tragic death was only a year and a bit away. Undoubtedly the most famous track on the bootleg is "Oh Lord", a haunting demo that really embodies the darkness of this period. The tape hiss just makes the whole experience all the more bleak. Also included is a 12-minute interview with Brian.

Download Here

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mike Love's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Speech (1988)

Mike Love's ill-advised speech at the Beach Boy's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of 1988, in which he makes inexplicably hate-filled potshots at his rivals in the business, including the Beatles (who he refers to as "the mop-tops") and Mick Jagger (who he calls "chickenshit"). Prominent musicians like Jagger and George Harrison were in the room during the speech, and the other members can be seen embarrassed; at the end Elton John comes up and says "thank fuck he didn't mention me!"

I'd never seen this clip until today but for me it really shows the other side of Mike; the jealous and aggressive part of him is exposed uncomfortably clearly here.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Mount Vernon & Fairway: A Fairy Tale (1973)

Here's a little oddity; a bonus EP attached to the Holland album, its material primarily composed by Brian Wilson and narrated by band manager Jack Rieley. It's a bizarre little item, a self-proclaimed fairy tale about a prince, his magical transistor radio, and the Pied Piper. A friend of mine has described it as "truly the sound of a man who has lost each and every one of his marbles". I kinda like it... it has its own strange yet charming atmosphere, though Brian's Pied Piper voice is that uncomfortable mix of hilarious and genuinely disconcerting.

If you can't get into the "story", here's a track from the Good Vibrations boxset, called "Fairy Tale Music", featuring Mt. Vernon's musical segments without any of Rieley's narration.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SMiLE (JMZ mix)

For a while I was having trouble finding JMZ's Smile mix, but as luck would have it he recently reposted it on his blog. Go check it out!

Update: For me at least, the blog isn't working right now, so I've uploaded the mix to Mediafire:

Download Flacs
Download mp3s

Sunday, 19 May 2013

SMiLE (Anne Wallace mix)

Here's quite an old SMiLE mix, which I believe is from 2004. Got a lot of acclaim though.

Anne Wallace mix

SMiLE (soniclovenoize mix)

This one's by soniclovenoize, who apparently specializes in reconstructing lost albums. As it happens, Smile was his first project and he's done two mixes - one based on the track sequencing of BWPS, and the other what he believes the original track sequencing would have been (Brian Wilson himself has admitted the 2004 sequencing is not the same as what the 1967 sequencing would have been). What's more, the 1967 mix is presented in separate stereo and mono versions!


After the kooky but endearing Love You, Brian began work on a follow-up album called Adult/Child. This album would have had an eccentric quality similar to its predecessor, but since the studio (Reprise Records) did not think the album would sell well, they rejected the idea and instead M.I.U. Album was hastily recorded in September that year.

Here's what could have been put out - a deeply flawed but oddly charming little album that, if cleaned up and fully realised, would have been right up there with Love You. There are definite weak spots ("HELP Is On The Way" is rather alienating and the cover of "On Broadway" is near-lifeless), but for sure more of the tracks easily surpass some of those on Love You - listen for "It's Over Now", "Everybody Wants To Live", and "Still I Dream Of It", three absolute gems in the band's catalog.

Also, there are a bajillion different covers for this album, so I'm not sure which one is the definitive. These two are my personal faves though.

01. Life Is For The Living
02. Hey Little Tomboy
03. Deep Purple
04. HELP Is On The Way
05. It's Over Now
06. Everybody Wants To Live
07. Shortenin' Bread
08. Lines
09. On Broadway
10. Games Two Can Play
11. It's Trying To Say
12. Still I Dream Of It

Download here

Click here for lyrics!

SMiLE: The 3971 Edit

This edit of SMiLE holds a special place in my heart as the first I'd ever heard, and it remains the definitive edit to me. It recreates the 2004 version using as much 60s material as possible, using 2004 material to fill in the gaps. While some might be opposed to the use of 2004 material (maybe because of that freakin' Purple Chick mix), it actually merges the two versions surprisingly well and the whole thing sounds seamless and complete.

You can listen to it all here:
(also posted is an updated version which, er, I helped do)

Here's what the editor, tygerbug, has to say:

Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys - SMiLE
The 3971 Edit
by Tygerbug

This edit attempts to combine the 1967 (ish) and 2004 recordings of Brian Wilson's SMiLE into one complete piece.

1967 + 2004 = 3971.

Do you like both the original Beach Boys SMiLE recordings and Brian's 2004 performance? Do you often find yourself, when listening to one of them, wishing you were listening to the other, just to hear a bit of music or lyric you're missing?

The Beach Boys recordings have a quality that the 2004 performance can't touch. However, the 2004 album contains lyrics and music that don't exist in any 60s form, and shapes the SMiLE album into a surprisingly coherent whole.

A professional release couldn't merge the two; that's musical sacrilege.

But for the purposes of this edit, that's exactly what I've done - switch back and forth from 60s recordings to 2004 ones within the same track, so that nearly every piece of music or lyric you might want to hear is there.

And it's nearly all in stereo!

I tried something very unusual with the "Water" section - Recorded as I Love to Say Da Da, Cool Cool Water, and In Blue Hawaii. I extended this section to quite a length, deciding to use all three songs, plus the unrelated song "Little Pad" from the Smiley Smile album. So this is essentially In Blue Hawaii from the 2004 album, with sections of Cool Cool Water and Little Pad interspersed.

If you think that's dumb, the extensions are their own track and can be removed to leave just In Blue Hawaii.

Also, the bonus track "He Gives Speeches" is now combined with Smiley Smile's "She's Goin' Bald" as one track.

Apart from that, all of the material is from the 2011 Smile sessions boxset or the 2004 Brian Wilson Smile album.

However, I used other people's fanedits for many of the tracks. Soniclovenoize's stereo version of SMiLE was used for many of the 60s tracks, notably his version of Good Vibrations with the original lyrics.

Bruiteur's versions of Barnyard and I'm in Great Shape were used, which cleans up the piano demos for a much clearer vocal - although Barnyard is the stereo take on that by another fan. I also used Bruiteur's "Wonderful," which marries the 60s vocal to the 2004 instruments.

I believe I used adam78's mono edits in places as well. Not sure though, as I tried to avoid mono.

"You're Welcome," "He Gives Speeches" and a few later Beach Boys tracks are thrown on as bonuses.


Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys - SMiLE
The 3971 Edit
by Tygerbug

Download here


Evening, and welcome to Another Freakin' Beach Boys Blog, where I shall brag about Beach Boys-related things and all that fun stuff. Where I can I'll provide links to downloads, and over time I'll discuss things like albums, fan mixes, and other related artefacts. Happy browsin'!