Friday, 18 April 2014

The Lost Hotel Tapes

Here's a hotel room jam session from (apparently) April 1990, with Brian, Bruce, and some friends playing various covers and Beach Boys songs. They do some surprisingly deep cuts too.

01. This Could Be The Night
02. Rhapsody In Blue, Caroline No, Shortenin' Bread, I'm Broke, Spirit of Rock 'n' Roll, Little Honda
03. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin', Proud Mary
04. Rainbow Eyes, Sherry She Needs Me, Sail On Sailor
05. Palisades Park, So Long, Ding Dang, Caroline No, Disney Girls
06. Caroline No, Shortenin' Bread, Spirit of Rock 'n' Roll, Brian, Please Let Me Wonder
07. Papa-Om-Mow-Mow, Be My Baby, Darlin', Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love, I'm So Lonely
08. Down In L.A., Someone To Love, God Only Knows, Caroline No
09. This Whole World, Add Some Music, Cool Cool Water, Unknown Cover, I Can Hear Music

Download here

Monday, 14 April 2014

MQR Presents SMiLE (An Ear to Ear Expansion)

I swear, this took me AGES to find. But here it is - MQR's very inventive "ear-to-ear expansion" of Smile. There are flac versions out there (and by 'out there' I mean on torrents that won't bloody seed), but unfortunately the best I could get were 320kbps mp3s. Oh well.

CD1 - the mix
CD2 - bonus tracks, including a half hour vocals montage

Sunday, 13 April 2014

SMiLE AD: Fan-Mixer Toolkit

Here's something that was posted to the Smiley Smile board in June 2012 by seltaeb, a collection of Smile soundbites which fanmixers may find most useful. Included are a heap of BWPS isolations, Barnyard/ Great Shape/ Wonderful isolations, and other bits and bobs used by seltaeb in his fantastic SMiLE AD mix.

Download here

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Heroes and Vibrations

Here's Heroes and Vibrations, the "taster" for the proposed Smile box set by Vigotone which never materialized (fittingly), which has some superb vocal takes and session snippets unavailable on The Smile Sessions.

"Good Vibrations" Sessions
01. Instrumental Track
02. Toy Piano
03. Fuzz Bass
04. Rehearsals - Instrumental Track
05. Piccolo
06. She's Already Workin' On My Brain (mono)
07. Hum-Be-Dum (mono)
08. Rarities mix (mono)

"Heroes and Villains" Sessions
09. Fire Intro
10. I've Been In This Town... (instrumental)
11. I've Been In This Town... (w/ vocals)
12. In The Cantina... (piano rehearsal, final version w/ vocals)
13. My Children Were Raised... (vocal rehearsals)
14. My Children Were Raised... (w/ final vocals)
15. Sunny Down Snuff... (final vocals)
16. Dum, Dum, Dum (end of H&V part one)
17. Tag To Part One (2nd version)
18. Bicycle Rider (main H&V theme)
19. H&V Part Two (revised version take one)
20. Just See What You've Done (final vocals)
21. Mike Fucks With The Formula

Download here (FLAC, 173mb)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014