Friday, 26 July 2013


Collection of rare Brian Wilson material.

01. Proud Mary
02. Getting In Over My Head
03. You're Still A Mystery
04. Chain Reaction Of Love
05. Soul Searchin'
06. It's Not Easy Being Me
07. Desert Drive
08. Saturday Morning In The City
09. This Song Wants To Sleep With You
10. Market Place - Brian Wilson
11. I'm Broke
12. Must Be A Miracle
13. In My Moondreams
14. My Mary Anne
15. Slightly American Music
16. Saturday Morning In The City
17. Soulful Old Man Sunshine
18. Out In The Country
19. Back Home (Track 1)
20. Back Home (Track 2)

Download here

Unsurpassed Masters 20: Friends, 20/20, and Odds & Ends

Unsurpassed Masters 19: Alternate Wild Honey

This boot is worth getting for some excellent quality "Can't Wait Too Long" material, among other stuff.

Unsurpassed Masters 18: Alternate Smiley Smile

Note: All the Beach Boys Unsurpassed Masters volumes are up on this nice person's website (though as well as UMs the guy's been posting released albums, which I don't particularly endorse), though some links don't work and/or have to be downloaded in parts, so I thought I'd reupload some to Mediafire to make things more convenient.

These Unsurpassed Masters are totally mind-blowing. You should get them or something

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Unsurpassed Masters 16: SMiLE

I'm having trouble finding UM17, though from what I hear it's essentially just The Smile Sessions except less. Oh well, here's this one! SMiLE, as mixed by Unsurpassed Masters.


Project SMiLE

A fabulous CD-ROM from around 2004 filled with wonderful SMiLE-related images and articles. Unfortunately, the mp3s provided do not work, but if you own the SMiLE Sessions CD then you already have 95% of what is provided, and the site is still essential downloadin'!

Download here

Brian Loves You (v.2)

So it seems there are two Brian Loves Yous, the previous one being the more famous and this one having more tracks. I DONT GETS IT EITHER LOLZ

This Brian Loves You is split into two parts, the first part carrying alternate versions of the tracks found on Love You and the second carrying a load of demos and live performances. Enjoy!

01. Roller Skating Child (alternate)
02. Mona (alternate)
03. Honkin' Down The Highway (alternate)
04. Ding Dang (alternate)
05. The Night Was So Young (alternate)
06. Let's Put Our Hearts Together (alternate)
07. I Want To Pick You Up (alternate)

08. Mona (demo)
09. I'll Bet He's Nice (demo)
10. Let's Put Our Hearts Together (demo)
11. Airplane (demo)
12. Love Is A Woman (demo)
13. Roller Skating Child (live)
14. Honkin' Down The Highway (live)
15. Airplane (live)
16. Love Is A Woman (live)
17. Ding Dang (It's OK NBC rehearsal)
18. Ding Dang (Saturday Night Live)

Brian Loves You (v.1)

Here's another bootleg that seems to have vanished from the internet recently. This is Brian Loves You, which showcases demo versions of the tracks found on the Love You album, plus a few extra demos. Enjoy!

01. That Special Feeling (demo)
02. It's Over Now (demo)
03. It's Over Now (demo 2)
04. They're Marching Along (Little Children) (demo)
05. Still I Dream Of It (demo)
06. My Diane (demo)
07. Love Is A Woman (demo)
08. Mona (demo)
09. Airplane (demo)
10. Let's Put Our Hearts Together (demo)
11. I'll Bet He's Nice (demo)
12. I'm Bugged At My Old Man (TV rehearsal)
13. I'm Bugged At My Old Man (TV special performance)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Purple Chick's SMiLE

Well'p, here it is. The controversial one.

Purple Chick's SMiLE has a simple, fair concept - using BWPS as a template and using as much '67 material as possible - but the sometimes glitchy editing kinda polarised the collectors. If you want a good edit that mixes the '67 material with BWPS, I'd recommend the 3971 edit. Still, Purple Chick's SMiLE deserves a listen for its signficance I guess or something or whatevs

Download here

"Only Solitaire" Beach Boys album reviews

Some interesting reviews of all the Beach Boys albums, and a couple of the solo pieces. These caused something of a minor stir over at Smiley Smile since the guy's facts aren't always right, but I find his review style entertaining and his assessments sometimes spot on. Worth reading, at least.

Old reviews:

New(ish) reviews:

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Mike Love Not War

Download here

Mike Love Not War (circa 2005) is one of Mike Love's many unreleased albums, believed by many to be probably the best of his solo works. It even features a half-tolerable version of "Everyone's In Love With You". Gasp!

01. Unleash The Love
02. Cool Head
03. Anything For You
04. Thank You
05. Pisces Brothers
06. Everyone's In Love With You
07. 10,000 Years
08. Glow Crescent Glow
09. Daybreak
10. Too Cruel
11. Brian's Back
12. I Don't Wanna Know
13. Love Foundation
14. Only One Word

Also included are three rather amusing National Arbor Day Foundation PSAs by Love, from 2005.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Landlocked: The Last Capitol Album And More

Here's a link provided by the Beach Yard blogspot to an alternate, extended version of Landlocked, not so much a lost album as a collection of session songs from around August 1970, compiled by Steve Desper.

01. Awake
02. Loop de Loop
03. Susie Cincinnati
04. San Miguel
05. Games Two Can Play
06. I Just Got My Pay
07. Good Time
08. Looking Down The Coast
09. Big Sur
10. Santa Ana Winds
11. 'Til I Die (long)
12. Fourth of July
13. Sound of Free
14. Tears In The Morning
15. Lady
16. When Girls Get Together
17. My Solution
18. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
19. Take A Load Off Your Feet
20. Carnival (aka Over The Waves)
21. We Got Love
22. Winter Symphony
23. Tears In The Morning (reprise)

Download here

Monday, 1 July 2013

AlternateBrianWilsonPresents SMiLE

Here's another rare Smile mix, and quite a creative one; it presents the album in three movements, the first the famous Americana segment, the second a "circle of life" section, and the third the elements suite. It's garnered a lot of acclaim from the fans so it's definitely one to own.

Download here