Monday, 17 June 2013

The Cocaine Sessions


Here are the Cocaine Sessions (circa 1981-82), (aka the Hamburger Sessions or Things We Used to Get Brian to Show Up for Practice), recorded by Brian and Dennis (while apparently stoned out of their minds) at Village Recorders during a particularly dark period of both men's lives - Brian was on a long hiatus and Dennis' tragic death was only a year and a bit away. Undoubtedly the most famous track on the bootleg is "Oh Lord", a haunting demo that really embodies the darkness of this period. The tape hiss just makes the whole experience all the more bleak. Also included is a 12-minute interview with Brian.

Download Here

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mike Love's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Speech (1988)

Mike Love's ill-advised speech at the Beach Boy's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of 1988, in which he makes inexplicably hate-filled potshots at his rivals in the business, including the Beatles (who he refers to as "the mop-tops") and Mick Jagger (who he calls "chickenshit"). Prominent musicians like Jagger and George Harrison were in the room during the speech, and the other members can be seen embarrassed; at the end Elton John comes up and says "thank fuck he didn't mention me!"

I'd never seen this clip until today but for me it really shows the other side of Mike; the jealous and aggressive part of him is exposed uncomfortably clearly here.