Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Our Favorite Recordings: For Collectors Only (FLAC)

A range of great-sounding recordings over two discs, from the very good ("We Got Love"), to the pretty good ("Monkey's Uncle"), to the bad ("Problem Child"), to the baaaaaad ("Crocodile Rock", "Fun Fun Fun" with Status Quo, whatever the hell "Howdy from Maui" is oh god maybe you shouldn't get this

Also included are several backing tracks and alternate versions, as well as a few live cuts from (I think) 1993.

01. Surfin' Safari
02. Karen
03. What'd I Say
04. The Monkey's Uncle
05. Wouldn't It Be Nice
06. We Got Love
07. Here Comes the Night (instrumental)
08. California Dreamin'
09. Rock 'n' Roll to the Rescue
10. Rock 'n' Roll to the Rescue (instrumental)
11. Back in the USSR
12. Come Go with Me
13. Surfer Girl
14. Barbara Ann
15. Happy Birthday America

01. Runaway
02. California Girls
03. Don't Worry Baby
04. Problem Child (instrumental)
05. Problem Child
06. Crocodile Rock
07. Forever w/ John Stamos
08. Forever (instrumental)
09. Fun Fun Fun w/ Status Quo
10. Fun Fun Fun w/ Status Quo (extended)
11. Hawdi from Maui
12. The Beach Boys Medley

Download here (FLAC, 605mb)

Winds of Change (MIU Outtakes)

Well, at any rate, I liked M.I.U.

01. Winds of Change
02. Match Point of Our Love
03. Sweet Sunday Kind of Love
04. How's About a Little Bit of Your Sweet Lovin'
05. Mony Mony
06. Hey Little Tomboy
07. She's Got Rhythm
08. Michael Row the Boat Ashore
09. My Diane
10. Pitter Patter (w/ thunderstorm effects)
11. Pitter Patter
12. Belles of Paris
13. Winds of Change
14. Seasons in the Sun
15. Go and Get That Girl
16. Wontcha Come Out Tonight
17. Looking Down the Coast (False Start)
18. Looking Down the Coast
19. On Broadway
20. Kona Christmas
21. Come Go with Me
22. Match Point of Our Love
23. Here Comes the Night (Single Version)

Download here (192k mp3s, 90mb)