Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Smile Sessions (Stereo Mix by }{eywood)

Here's another very nice stereo mix of The Smile Sessions by }{eywood, creator of the excellent Ear to Ear Expansion. Included as bonus tracks are two more versions of "Good Vibrations"; a live 1966 performance and an alternate mix with Tony Asher's lyrics.

Download here (FLAC, 332mb)

Slightly American Music (Wilson/Paley)

I recently found the 1996 Wilson/Paley sessions in lossless flac, so I thought it might be a nice time to dig deeper into these recordings. The selection of songs that came out of these sessions is a mixed bag, and I'd hesitate to call any of these songs "great", but there was certainly more than enough decent material to warrant a Brian Wilson solo album. So I attempted to compile the best of the lot into a 12-song LP that I tried to give some flow - there's the happier, goofier stuff on the first half, then more serious material on the second (including the original version of "Gettin' In Over My Head", which in my opinion is much better than what was released in 2004).
A good chunk of the tracks previously came sped up about 20%, which made Brian sound a bit off; here I attempted to slow down those tracks to their correct length. Eleven other songs from these sessions are included as bonus tracks.

01. Proud Mary
02. Slightly American Music
03. I'm Broke
04. Chain Reaction of Love
05. Soul Searchin'
06. Desert Drive
07. This Could Be the Night
08. You're Still A Mystery
09. Gettin' In Over My Head
10. It's Not Easy Bein' Me
11. Must Be a Miracle
12. Some Sweet Day

Bonus Tracks:
13. Saturday Morning in the City
14. Sweets for my Sweet
15. Marketplace
16. This Song Wants to Sleep with You Tonight
17. Mary Anne
18. Frankie Avalon
19. Elbow '63
20. God Did It
21. Goin' Home
22. What Rock 'N' Roll Can Do
23. In My Moondreams

Download in mp3 (173mb)
Download in flac (417mb)

Symphony to God

A fresh new way to listen to the Beach Boys. This is a personal project from Woodstock, a pastiche of some of the best Beach Boys songs (many presented in slightly tweaked versions) linked with interviews from various sources. Extra help from Rab2591.

Download here