Monday, 23 December 2013

SMiLE (my edit)

Here's another Smile by myself, although it's not really a new mix as much as it is a slight alteration of someone else's (and yes, it's that one I go on about all the ruddy, ruddy time). This fuses the original 60s material with Brian Wilson Presents Smile; obviously it is nothing like what the record would have sounded like had it come out in 1967, but it offers arguably the most full and complete cut of the album possible.
So now everything is in stereo, and there are just a couple tweaks here and there of mine (eg stereo "Gee" from the boxset seamlessly mixed with Barnshine's own edit, plus minor annoyances like the "I believe" vocals removed from BWPS CIFOT and all that). Nothing very new or interesting, but it's another one. In pompous fashion I have named it Smile: Ultimate Edition.

It was also kindly uploaded to YouTube by psychedelicpiper along with the original 3971 edit:

01. Our Prayer / Gee
02. Heroes & Villains
03. Do You Like Worms?
04. Barnyard / The Old Master Painter / My Only Sunshine
05. Cabin Essence
06. Wonderful
07. Look (Song For Children)
08. Child Is Father Of The Man
09. Surf's Up
10. I'm In Great Shape / I Wanna Be Around / Friday Night
11. Vega-Tables
12. On A Holiday
13. Wind Chimes
14. Fire (Mrs O'Leary's Cow)
15. Love To Say Dada
16. In Blue Hawaii
17. Good Vibrations

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Pet Sounds - 1972 Mono Mix

From Woodstock, here's an amazing vinyl rip of the enchanting 1972 mono mix of Pet Sounds included on an original pressing of Carl & The Passions - So Tough!

01. Wouldn't It Be Nice
02. You Still Believe In Me
03. That's Not Me
04. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
05. I'm Waiting For The Day
06. Let's Go Away For A While
07. Sloop John B.
08. God Only Knows
09. I Know There's An Answer
10. Here Today
11. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
12. Pet Sounds
13. Caroline, No

Download here

*Extreme lengths were carried out during the ripping of this vinyl, some of them involving giant bears

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Stack-O-Tracks Extended

A load of instrumentals.

01. County Fair
02. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America)
03. Summertime Blues
04. Cuckoo Clock
05. Surfin’ USA
06. Surfer Girl
07. Catch A Wave
08. In My Room
09. Our Car Club
10. I Get Around
11. All Summer Long
12. Hushabye
13. Little Honda
14. We’ll Run Away
15. Wendy
16. Do You Remember
17. Little Saint Nick
18. Do You Wanna Dance
19. Good To My Baby
20. Don’t Hurt My Little Sister
21. When I Grow Up
22. Help Me, Ronda
23. Dance, Dance, Dance
24. Please Let Me Wonder
25. I’m So Young (alternate)
26. Kiss Me Baby
27. She Knows Me Too Well
28. In The Back Of My Mind
29. All Dressed Up For School
30. Guess I’m Dumb
31. The Girl From New York City
32. Amusement Parks USA
33. Salt Lake City
34. Help Me, Rhonda
35. California Girls
36. Let Him Run Wild
37. You’re So Good To Me
38. The Little Girl I Once Knew
39. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
40. You Still Believe In Me
41. That’s Not Me
42. Don’t Talk
43. I’m Waiting For The Day
44. Sloop John B
45. God Only Knows
46. Hang On To Your Ego
47. Here Today
48. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
49. Caroline, No
50. Good Vibrations
51. Do You Like Worms?
52. Cabinessence
53. Wonderful
54. Child Is Father Of The Man
55. Surf’s Up
56. I’m In Great Shape
57. Vege-Tables
58. Wind Chimes
59. Love To Say Dada
60. Vegetables (Smiley Smile - alternate)
61. She’s Goin’ Bald
62. Wind Chimes (Smiley Smile - alternate)
63. Gettin’ Hungry
64. Wonderful (Smiley Smile - alternate)
65. Cool Cool Water
66. Wild Honey
67. I Was Made To Love Her
68. A Thing Or Two
69. Darlin’
70. Friends
71. Transcendental Meditation
72. Do It Again
73. Be With Me
74. Cotton Fields (20/20)
75. Time To Get Alone
76. We’re Together Again
77. Break Away
78. Cotton Fields
79. When Girls Get Together
80. It’s About Time
81. Tears In The Morning
82. Sail On Sailor (with a capella fade)
83. Good Timin’
84. Had To Phone Ya
85. Just Once In My Life
86. Life Is For The Living
87. Angel Come Home
88. Here Comes The Night
89. Goin’ On
90. That’s Why God Made The Radio

Part 1
Part 2

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Smile Sessions Companion - Disc 1

Released in 2011, this was the first disc of a proposed 9-disc companion to The Smile Sessions as well as a complete toolkit for fanmixers of all known Smile songs, fragments, and test mixes. This is what was intended:

TSS Companion Disc 1 - Stereo
TSS Companion Disc 2 - Historical Mono Re-Creation
TSS Companion Disc 3 - BW vintage Smile mixes and edits
TSS Companion Discs 4-9 - Additional Session Material

Only disc 1 has been released and there's been no updates from the author of any progress on disc 2...
Whether or not the rest of the project is going forward, here's disc 1, a lovely stereo mix of The Smile Sessions' reconstruction.

Part one
Part two
Part three