Sunday, 19 January 2014

21 Little Ones

Some Brian material.

01. The Spirit of Rock and Roll
02. Turning Point
03. Just Say No
04. Heavenly Bodies
05. Christmas Time
06. Walkin' The Line
07. Save the Day
08. Concert Tonight
09. Barbie
10. This Could Be The Night
11. Sweets For My Sweets
12. Too Much Sugar
13. Goodnight Irene
14. California Girls (live)
15. God Only Knows (live)
16. Surfer Girl (live)
17. The Spirit of Rock and Roll (live)
18. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
19. I'll Bet He's Nice (demo)
20. That Special Feeling (demo)
21. Still I Dream of It (demo)

Download here

Live in Princeton, 1971 (Surf's Up In Prinston)

Live show from Princeton University, 11-11-1971, which originally had a quite hilariously incorrect tracklist (noted).

01. Good Vibrations (originally listed as 'Good Vibration')
02. Don't Go Near The Water (originally listed as 'Don't Go Near The Weather')
03. Darlin'
04. Wouldn't It Be Nice
05. Long Promised Road
06. Student Demonstration Time
07. Disney Girls (originally listed as 'Disney Girl')
08. Take A Load Off Your Feet
09. Sloop John B
10. Surfin' USA
11. It's About Time
12. Cool Cool Water (originally listed as 'Cool Cool Weather')
13. Lookin' At Tomorrow
14. Caroline, No
15. God Only Knows
16. Surf's Up
17. Medley (Cottonfields, Heroes and Villains); Encore (California Girls, I Get Around, Help Me Rhonda, Fun Fun Fun) (originally listed as 'Medlley' with 'California Girl', 'I Got Around' and 'Help Me Rdnnda')

Download here

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Smile Hybrid

Here's a mix from 2005 by Mattix, a hybrid of Brian Wilson Presents Smile and the original '66-67 recordings following the 2004 template. Unlike many of the other pre-Smile Sessions edits, the sound quality of the 60s material is generally quite good here, though often entire chunks of BWPS are used over several tracks. A fine mix all in all, but as always I'd say if you want a good seamless hybrid of '67 and '04 material, try this one.

Download here

Live in Seattle, 1970

Hello, again.

This is sort of an infamous show and quite hard to find nowadays. 
Mike Love took ill with his apple juice diet and wasn't able to make it to the show. So, little ol' Brian Wilson was there to step in for him. 

The set list is great, as are most from this time frame (maybe it's just my preference) and I find the performances are pretty good, too. Although, the recording is quite shoddy and detracts from the quality. However, it is quite the oddity in their concert performances and it's interesting to hear Brian live while still in good form.

So, this is another you may not always want to come back to, but it's great that this recording actually exists and I'm happy to finally have it for myself and be able to spread it along to others who may want to hear this.

01. Intro
02. Do It Again
03. Darlin'
04. Surfer Girl
05. Sloop John B
06. Help Me, Rhonda
07. I Can Hear Music
08. Wouldn't It Be Nice
09. Add Some Music To Your Day
10. Cottonfields
11. God Only Knows
12. Barbara-Ann
13. The Nearest Faraway Place
14. Good Vibrations

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

That Lucky Old Sun - Demos

That Lucky Old Sun studio demos.

01. That Lucky Old Sun
02. That Lucky Old Sun 2
03. Morning Beat
04. Narrative: Room With A View
05. Good Kind Of Love
06. Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl
07. Narrative: Venice Beach
08. Live Let Live
09. Mexican Girl
10. Narrative: De Mayo
11. California Role
12. Narrative: Between Pictures
13. Oxygen To The Brain
14. Been Too Long
15. Midnight's Another Day
16. Lucky Old Sun
17. Goin' Home
18. Southern California

Download here

Friday, 3 January 2014

3 Acetates from Dennis' Garage

My friend Orwelle (Bubbly Waves) has decided to join the blog.

Hello, all.

This being my first post here, I thought I would start with something cool.

These are three acetates that were found in Denny's Garage (obviously) for early versions of "San Miguel," "Do It Again" (tentatively titled  here as 'Surf Again'), and "Time to Get Alone." However, the differences presented here aren't too drastic compared to the released versions. You may be able to pick out a different drum part or vocal, but it's nothing too earth-shattering. Also, the quality is pretty good for an acetate and there isn't anything too major (discounting the momentary pops during the beginning of "Time to Get Alone").

More or less, I thought this was interesting and cool to own, like a sort-of historical document, I s'pose. The songs themselves are great, but it may not be something you keep coming back to. But, if you do, then that's great.

I'd like to thank the mysterious person known as SmokyPS for sharing these (who used to own the acetates himself).

Here you all go: click this

More stuff to come in the future!