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Get The Boot (vol 1 & 2)

Two excellent boots of 63-2003 demos, alternate mixes, outtakes and other rarities, including the hot mix of "Rock and Roll Music" and the notorious outtake "Rollin' Up To Heaven".

01. Beginning of the End
02. Thank Him
03. Side Two
04. Back Home (1963)
05. Can't Wait Too Long (snippet)
06. Lonely Days (rehearsal)
07. Mona Kani
08. Break Away (vocals only mix)
09. Won't You Tell Me
10. Back Home (1970 demo)
11. Back Home (1970 version)
12. Walkin'
13. It's A New Day
14. Barbara (demo)
15. Add Some Music To Your Day (alternate mix)
16. Slip On Through (alternate mix)
17. Slip On Through (live)
18. Our Sweet Love (instrumental track with backing vocals)
19. I'm Going Your Way
20. 'Til I Die (vocals only)
21. Surf's Up (vocals only)
22. Rollin' Up To Heaven
23. I've Got A Friend (live)
24. Here She Comes (live)
25. Fairy Tale Music (demo)

01. Snowflakes (outtake)
02. Hard Times
03. Battle Hymn of the Republic
04. Good Timin' (track and lead vocal)
05. Don't You Just Know It (single)
06. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (single)
07. Interview/ Rock and Roll Music (hot mix)
08. Runnin' Bear (15 Big Ones outtake)
09. Shake, Rattle and Roll (15 Big Ones outtake)
10. Short Skirts (15 Big Ones outtake)
11. Had To Phone Ya (backing track)
12. New England Waltz (Adult/Child outtake)
13. Here Come De Honey Man
14. California Feelin'
15. Da Doo Ron Ron (Keepin' The Summer Alive outtake)
16. Oh Darlin' (alternate vocal take)
17. Boogie Woogie intro
18. Back in the USSR
19. River Deep, Mountain High
20. Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love (BW)
21. Rescue Me (ML)
22. Stagger Lee (ML)
23. Carl's Song (DW)
24. Where We Are (CW)
25. At The Hop
26. Let's Dance/ Do You Wanna Dance
27. I Can Hear Music (recorded for radio broadcast)
28. Little Deuce Coupe (recorded for radio broadcast)
29. Kokomo (David Marks)

Volume 1
Volume 2

Volume 1
Volume 2

Unsurpassed Masters 14: Alternate Pet Sounds

8 CDs of Pet Sounds sessions!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Endless Bummer

A comp of the very worst of the Beach Boys, including Spanish Kokomo, Brian's rap song, drunk live performances and ill-advised radio spots.

01. Carl's Anti-Drug Radio Spot
02. Good Vibrations (featuring a very drunk Carl)
03. You're So Beautiful (featuring a very drunk Dennis)
04. Brian Hanging With Some Nerds
05. Be True To Your Bud (Mike sells out)
06. Hyatt Regency Promo (Mike sells out again)
07. Smile Promo
08. Mike Slams Smile
09. Vocal Rehearsal 1
10. Smart Girls (Brian's rap song)
11. Carl & The Passions Radio Promo
12. Kokomo (Spanish version)
13. Mr. Sandman, God Only Knows (pisstake versions)
14. Cell Block No. 9
15. Mike Does Dylan
16. Never Learn Not To Love (demo written with Charles Manson)
17. Help Me Rhonda (session with 'Reggie Dunbar')
18. "I'm A Genius Too"
19. "We Need Help"
20. Vocal Rehearsal 2

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All This Is That

Nice boot of various '69-'80 rarities.

01. Time To Get Alone (instrumental)
02. Country Air (stereo mix)
03. Won't You Tell Me (stereo)
04. Tears In The Morning (instrumental track)
05. Slip On Through (take 12)
06. When Girls Get Together (instrumental track)
07. Cottonfields (vocals only)
08. All This Is That (alternate version)
09. It's A New Day (stereo)
10. Hard Time (stereo)
11. Blueberry Hill (alternate)
12. Had To Phone Ya (instrumental track)
13. Palisades Park (alternate mix)
14. Short Skirts
15. Shake, Rattle & Roll (15BO outtake)
16. Just Once In My Life (instrumental track)
17. Running Bear (stereo)
18. Let Us Go On This Way (backing vocals)
19. Sherry She Needs Me (complete)
20. The Night Was So Young (vocals only)
21. Shortenin' Bread (alternate)
22. Life Is For The Living (instrumental)
23. It's Like Heaven (alternate)
24. Our Love (stereo)
25. Da Doo Ron Ron (stereo)
26. Oh Darlin' (alternate, Brian lead)
27. Where We Are (stereo)

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Sweet Insanity

I've been having some issues with Mediafire recently so I've temporarily moved to Rapidshare. Apologies for the lack of recent updates...
:-/  Mediafire's working again. Updating all the download links now...

Here's Sweet Insanity, Brian Wilson's intended follow-up to his self-titled first solo album. General consensus is that the album isn't really all that good (though it has had some praise; some have even called it brilliant), and as a result the album was rejected by the record label. Controversial psychologist and attention whore Eugene Landy had a strong part in the album's creation - at the time he was on a quest to scam as much money as he could off of Wilson by bringing him back into the mainstream, which explains the more... notorious songs on the album. *cough*

01. Intro (Concert Tonite)
02. Someone To Love
03. Water Builds Up
04. Don't Let Her Know (She's An Angel)
05. Do You Have Any Regrets
06. Brian
07. The Spirit of Rock & Roll (with Bob Dylan)
08. Rainbow Eyes
09. Love Ya
10. Make A Wish
11. Smart Girls
12. Country Feelin' (bonus track)
13. Hotter (single B-side)